What we are About

In case you are wondering, Hook & Drag is more than just a bunch of cool logos and tuff gear - it's the rally point for an exciting way of life!

Outdoor Gear for Outdoor People - Our designs are an In Your Face Badge of honor representing who we are and what we do! 

Each brand has a story that represents outdoor enthusiasts like us who want to show the world their passion and take it to the next level. We like next level stuff!

Our friends include some of the coolest outdoor professionals that have some great experiences to share. They live the dream every day through exciting outdoor tv shows, informative blogs, amazing videos and some downright awesome pictures!

Most of our friends are everyday working stiffs like you and me. Men and Women who like to break away from the daily grind to be a part of something raw - and then can't get enough of it!

But we don't just visit the great outdoors to take in the scenery....

We are looking to take down or reel in the biggest fish and/or game in their class - and we want tuff stuff to do it with!